Milkyway Tribe

MilkyWay Tribe is the social network of action sports.

Action sports are often niche sports and they are defined as those sports that are lived by practitioners not only like a simple hobby, but like a real lifestyle.

The Tribe is conceived and built from riders for riders to solve daily problems and discomforts everyone of us faces practicing his sports.

MilkyWay Tribe satisfies the very needs of action sports practitioners. It is to say, to get information about action-sports-friendly:

  • People
  • Spots
  • Events
  • Commercial activities (shop, rentals, hotels, restaurants, bars, ...)

Every one of these entities can be independently associated to one or more "Sports" as well as to other filtering levels such as, for example: shop type, spot type,spot category, ...

For example, is there any rider who has not ever asked himself classical questions such as:

  • Where are the spots/trails/roads where I can practice my action sport?
  • Is there a spot where I can go near me?
  • Is there anyone I can share my passion with nearby?
  • Where and when will be the next event about my favorite action sport?
  • Are there any physical shops where I can buy a spare part for my board in my holiday place?
  • How can I track my training sessions and invite easily my friends to join in?
  • ... and many more ...

Note: For the beta 2.0 version, only the "Rider" (people) and "Spot" (venues) entities are implemented. "Event" and "Commercial Activity" entities are to be developed for the next releases.

Thanks to a fast and easy filterable map, MilkyWay Tribe can give answers to these questions in seconds.

This results in the ultimate goal of the Tribe: to ease the access to action sports information to every single person whose urge is to get into action.

Our mission is to make the action sports known and accessible to more and more people.

Our philosophy is to use the on-line channel to bring people to get into action in real life, and to share the word of the Tribe usefulness.

Think about a world where soccer is no more the main sport and where skate parks, tracks and trails are easily accessible to everybody: this is our dream and we want to build it together with all of you, Tribe users!

Milkyway Shop

MilkyWay Tribe is a project which plays its part in a wider vision. MilkyWay aims to become the world's leading reference point for all action sports products and information. MilkyWay also owns a Shop (wwww.milkywayshop.com) where you will find thousands of high quality products specific for action sports.

When you use the Tribe you are supposed to give a value to other users. The more information you share, the better and more useful for everyone the Tribe gets. That's why for the actions you perform on the Tribe (such as upload pictures, organize a ride, upload a spot, ...) you gain points that will be converted in special discounts (yes money in your pockets!) to spend in the on-line shop www.milkywayshop.com.

Note: For the beta 2.0 version, points will not be visualized in your profile, but they will be registered ad assigned to every user as soon as the next version will be on-line.

Milky Pedia

In the Tribe you will find quality information for more than 300 niche and active sports. In particular, you'll also have completely free access to the MilkyPedia: the encyclopedia of action sports. Don't you know what is "bouy jumping?", "do you want to know the true history of biketrials?", "are you curious about the origins of skateboarding?".

In the MilkyPedia you'll find an official source of information, carefully edited by our staff. If you don't find what you need, don't worry: you'll just have to drop us a mail and we will work to improve the contents in order to have a more and more complete database of information.