1. The Tribe way
  2. Make new fellows
  3. Find new spots
  4. Discover new ways to play sports
  5. The world view
  6. Personal dashboard
  7. Profiles
  8. Sports - Something new
  9. Spots - The best places around
  10. Rides - Play sports together

The Tribe way

MilkyWay Tribe is the social network of action sports.

Make new fellows

The Tribe is conceived and built from riders for riders to solve daily problems and miscomforts everyone of us faces practicing his sports.

Find new spots

MilkyWay Tribe satisfies the very need of action sports practitioners, giving up to date information about new spots where you can practice your actions sports.

Discover new ways to play sports

MilkyWay Tribe offers a community of action sports lovers with the same need to share information about new ways they can practice their sports.

The world view

Thanks to a fast an easy filterable map MilkyWay Tribe can ease the access to action sports information ad events to every single person whose urge is to get into action.

Personal dashboard

Every user will have his own profile with his favorites sports and the record of rides he has created.


Every user can follow other users’ profile, create new rides and join other users’ rides.

Sports - Something new

MilkyWay Tribe records lots of niche sports in a single platforms, and the MilkyPedia will help you to know everything you need of every single niche sports.

Spots - The best places around

You can track the spot you are interested in concerning the action sports you practice, sharing information with other lovers of your same sports.

Rides - Play sports together

You can add your spots and receive up to date information from other users